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Pet Behavior Counseling Service Near Skokie, IL.

Pet Behavior Counseling Near Skokie

Companion pets can suffer from a number of ailments and behaviors ranging from severe phobias and anxiety to aggression. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems that require assistance call us today. The first step in controlling these issues is to understand the reasons behind each situation. 

It is quite common for a pet owner to assume that their pet is just being difficult or spiteful, when in fact the animal may have a diagnosable behavior problem.  Terry Animal Hospital wants you to know that treatments are available. 

Common Pet Behavior Problems
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Thunderstorm Phobia
  • Aggression – towards people & other animals
  • Unruliness or Distruction
  • Self-mutilation
  • Compulsive Disorders
  • Excessive behavior like barking, digging, biting, licking, scratching, jumping, etc.
  • Urine spraying or marking
  • And More


Types of Treatment Plans

First we must conduct a behavior consultation which includes a review of your pet’s history, a physical evaluation, followed by a diagnosis and development of a treatment plan. there are 4 types of Treatment Options:

  • Behavioral Modification
  • Environmental Changes
  • Medication
  • Advanced Training or Medical Intervention.

Is This Common?

You will find that most pet parents have had to deal with some level of unwanted behavior from their pets. Most problems can be managed if diagnosed and addressed early on. You should know that different approaches may need to be tried before finding what works, as not every pet is the same.

Don't I just need a trainer?

It is true that some behavior problems such as obedience are best resolved with a professional trainer or animal behaviorist, but other complicated problems such as aggression may need a combination of veterinary intervention and obedience training. 

Our veterinarians are professionally trained in assessing and diagnosing behavior problems. This is especially true when your pet has just developed a bad behavior seemingly out of nowhere. In these instances we need to rule out any underlying health issues that may be the cause. 

Does my pet need medication?

We believe the best thing to do is always try behavior modification first. However, we have found that there are some cases where medication, along with behavior modification can help manage a problem. Together we will discuss the pros and cons of any treatment so that you may make the best decision for you and your pet. 

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve gone there for 30 years with my 3 dogs and could not be happier.  I would not go anywhere else.  From the front desk, the techs, the doctors (I go to Julie Mattson) it is obvious they love animals and understand how people view their pets as their children.”

Carol B.

I take my dogs to Dr. Blose and she is great. She is calm and kind and my dogs do well with her. We mostly go for acupuncture – which has worked very well. We went to Dr. Blose many years ago, but then lost track of her. I am SO glad we found her again. It’s always an ordeal to take animals to the Vet. Especially ones who don’t love the car. But my dog who used to be terrified in the car, is happy to go see her favorite Vet for some needle time!!  Love you guys, thank you for your kindness!

Cindy F.

“The staff treats our pets like family – even staying late to treat our lab when he suffered a puncture wound. They were also incredibly compassionate when our elderly cat suffered a blood clot and had to be put down. We appreciate their willingness to go above and beyond and highly recommend them to our friends.”

Kevin W.

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