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Terry Animal Hospital believes that ongoing preventative care services lead to longer, healthier, and happier lives for your canine companions. Our team of veterinarians base our annual preventive care recommendations on the guidelines of the (AVMA) American Veterinary Medical Association as well as the (AAHA) American Animal Hospital Association. We work with our clients as partners in care. We will be sure to go over all the latest protocols and advancements in veterinary medicine and use these methods to promote a healthy life for your family member.

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Puppy Care

During your puppy’s first veterinary exam with us, we ask that you bring along with you any health history and information provided to you by the seller or shelter from which you received the puppy. We also ask that you bring a fresh stool sample. At the time of the initial exam we will establish the health of your puppy and provide them with everything he or she needs to grow up healthy, happy and strong. 




Puppy Vaccinations – To ensure that your puppy is protected from diseases he or she might be exposed to, we will provide an individualized vaccine schedule that fits your puppy’s lifestyle.

Microchipping – We highly recommend having your puppy microchipped. This can help in the recovery of your puppy in the event that they are lost.

Wellness Care

Annual Exams & Vaccines – Regular preventive care will keep your dog healthy and happy for his or her lifetime. Annual visits will include a complete physical examinations and discussion of any concerns you may have. Vaccines appropriate to your dog’s lifestyle will then be recommended.

Wellness Exams & ScreeningDuring our physical exam and evaluation, we may be recommending screening lab tests and x-rays to establish a baseline and identify early health concerns.




Dental Exams – Be sure to schedule annual dental exams for your adult dogs.  Our dental examinations focus on identifying and preventing oral and periodontal disease and recommending dental prophylaxis when needed. Learn more about our dental care here.

Parasite Control & Prevention – Terry Animal Hospital advises that our veterinarians conduct fecal exams twice a year and Heartworm and tick disease screening once a year. Based on lifestyle and screening tests, we will recommend appropriate treatment and preventatives for year round protection.

Aging Dog Care

The veterinary staff at Terry Animal Hospital recommend having  wellness exams every six months for your aging pet to ensure that your companion stays in good health. These exams allow us to address conditions that are common as dogs age such as; bone & joint problems, cancers, hormone disorders, vision and hearing changes, and other diseases that can effect your dog’s heart, liver, and kidneys. We will also discuss pain management and other treatments that can improve quality of life going forward.


Wellness Exams & ScreeningDiagnostic lab tests and x-rays will be recommended on an annual basis. This helps us to establish a baseline for your pet’s health and identify and address any health problems and start intervention earlier. 

Symptoms to Look For – As your dog continues to age we recommend keeping an eye out for the following symptoms. If you do notice any of these symptoms, call us for an appointment right away:

– any weight change, change in activity level, restlessness, change in water consumption, change in appetite, trouble on stairs or getting up and down, vision or hearing changes, excessive panting, coughing, noticeable sleeping pattern changes, excessive drooling –

Anything that has changed and is a concern to you should be brought to our attention. 

End of Life Care & Pet Euthanasia 

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