Thank you to all of our amazing clients for such grace and understanding during this crazy time. Our (now) very small staff has been working tirelessly to make sure that every animal is getting the great care they always have gotten, and deserve. 

We will be partially opening our doors on Monday, April 4th

What does “Partially Open” mean? 

Our doors will remain locked. We will still ask clients to call once they have arrived. Once an exam room is available, we will have you come inside with your pet to see the doctor. 

What if I’m just picking up meds or dropping off a sample?

We would still ask you to call from your car and one of us will bring your order to you or grab your sample just like we have been. 

When will you be fully open? 

We are looking for a few more support staff to complete our Terry family. Once we are appropriately staffed we will fully open our doors. 

Will I still need to wear a mask or show my vaccination card?

We will not ask for your current vaccination status but we will require masks. 

-The Terry Animal Hospital staff

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