We are still not allowing clients in the building.

Clients are expected to wait outside the clinic during their pet’s appointment.

Appointments are not drop-off appointments unless scheduled explicitly as a drop-off. We are a small clinic and cannot keep patients for an extended amount of time after their scheduled appointments. We often have patients already occupying the kennel space for surgical procedures or other daytime hospitalization needs. 

The doctor will call during the appointment, so please make sure your cell phone is accessible, and the ringer is on. 

There have been many instances of clients not answering their phones during the appointment, and staff needs to run out to inform clients that the doctor is trying to reach them. The techs and assistants are often busy with other patients in the clinic, so it can cause delays in inpatient care when they have to go back outside to inform a client that the doctor is calling. Please update your phone’s settings not to ignore unknown callers to avoid missed calls that result in further delays.

Signs are located on all doors with further instructions. 

Staff will not answer the doors. Therefore, patients are required to call when they arrive. 

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

– Thank you from all of us at Terry Animal Hospital 

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