This October we want to bring as much awareness to the importance of pet dental care as possible. As such we thought it benefitical to offer 15% off all dental procedures. Learn more about our Veterinary Dental Care available by calling us today: 847-245-1131


  • Additional Dental Procedures Available

    • Complete Oral Health Assessment
    • Prophylactic Cleaning of Teeth 
    • Periodontal Treatment
    • Digital Radiography
    • Oral Surgery
    • Endodontic Treatment Including Root Canal Therapy  

    *all dental procedures are done under general anesthesia

Veterinary Dental Exams

The veterinary staff at Terry Animal Hospital will look for signs of oral and periodontal disease during the initial dental exam. Periodontal disease is a serious infection that can damage your pet’s teeth and gums, and even cause internal organ infection and additional health problems. Signs of oral disease include; swollen or inflamed gums, discolored teeth, evidence of tarter buildup, loose teeth, bad breath, and tumors. 




Symptoms to Look For – As your pet continues to age we recommend keeping an eye out for the following symptoms of dental issues. If you do notice any of these symptoms call us for an appointment right away:

– Discomfort While Chewing – Irritated or Bleeding Gums – Difficulty Swallowing

– Worse than Normal Breath – Excessive drooling or Pawing at the Mouth

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