This September we want to bring as much awareness to the importance of pet wellness as possible. As such we thought it benefitical to offer 10% off all pet wellness screenings. Learn more about our Wellness Care available by calling us today: 847-245-1131



    We treat patients in a friendly, compassionate environment while keeping owners well informed. We emphasize preventative medicine to promote a long and healthy life for your pets. To ensure optimal health and well-being for your companion animal, we recommend bringing your pet in for regular checkups as well as keeping them up to date on appropriate vaccines.

    Wellness screening including blood tests, urinalysis and screening x-rays may be recommended. By regularly seeing your pet, we have the opportunity to identify and address any health problems early and start intervention sooner.



    We recommend that your pet receives a Physical Examination annually. During this time our doctors will perform the following:

    • Temperature & Weight Check
    • Ear & Eye Examination
    • Abdominal Palpation
    • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
    • Dermatological Exam
    • Dental Exam
    • Cardiopulmonary Analysis.

    At this time we will discuss with you the vaccinations appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle as well as discuss year long parasite control and prevention. We also use this examination period to discuss your pet’s behavior, dental care needs, and any diagnostics that we recommend.

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