AAHA Pet Owner   Loaded with information about everything from pet care to travel tips to help finding a new pet.

Pet Health Network   A wealth of searchable information for owners of dogs, cats, and exotics. Covering the entire lifespan, from preparing for a new pet to the loss of a pet, categories include medical care, behavior, and nutrition.

Veterinary Partner   Offers information regarding animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior and safety to use in conjunction with your veterinarian’s treatment plan.

ASPCA Poison Control   Offers information regarding potentially toxic plants and foods, as well as the phone number to call in case you think your pet has ingested a poisonous substance.

Dogs and Ticks   Resource for everything tick related. Learn about ticks, the diseases they carry, and how to protect your pets. Includes an interactive map that shows how prevalent tick-borne diseases are in your area.

Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation   Provides charitable medical care, education to the public, disaster planning and veterinary school scholarships.

Wings Pet Loss Support Group   Offers information to help you or someone you know cope with the loss of a pet.  There is a hotline as well as a month meeting.

My Veterinarian   Need a veterinarian while traveling with your pet? This site offers a user-friendly search engine, and allows you to search by what species are treated, what services are offered, and whether it is an emergency.

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